Frye Warehouse Demolition

SIZE: 74,000 SF
MARKET: Industrial
CLIENT: King County

The Frye Warehouse & Old Operations Building Demolition project consisted of demolishing two buildings, the 50,000-sf Frye Warehouse and 24,000-sf, three-story Old Operations Building located at the King County Metro Base of Operations. 

The Operations building site was redeveloped as a concrete parking lot for buses and the Frye site leveled and left for future development as an asphalt parking space.  Designed by King County, the project design will be managed by the Department of Transportation Metro Transit Division. 

The heavy timber post and beams from Frye Warehouse will be re-purposed. Colvos Construction was able to salvage 55,000 board feet of old growth Doug Fir. The timbers were sorted, stacked, banded and shipped across Puget Sound to Pacific Northwest Timbers in Port Townsend. Devin Page, President of Colvos, visited the facility where the salvaged lumber was re-sawn and re-purposed.