KNKX (under construction)

SIZE: 7,510 SF
MARKET: Commercial
ARCHITECT: V Three Studios Architecture and JPC Architecture

Colvos Construction is renovating this space for Tacoma’s beloved public radio station, KNKX, in the matter of months. Construction is scheduled to be completed by June 2019, and it has to be done. You can’t have a jackhammer running while Ed Ronco is trying to read the news on air.

For this tenant improvement, walls are coming out, pipes are coming down, and much more. While the space is getting a complete makeover, we’re also taking measures to preserve the beautiful original columns and brick work. This demo work makes room for new production studios, an engineering office, a technical operation center, numerous offices, and conference rooms. Since noise must be controlled in this space, we will install new absorption sound panels on the walls and ceilings.

Additionally, Colvos will install a new state-of-the-art electrical, HVAC, Low Voltage and Audio systems. Independently controlled heating and cooling in each room. We’ll be installing a new 125 KW emergency generator and automatic transfer switch for backup power to the facility.

Keep checking back as this unique, community-focused project takes shape.