Excellence Delivered Safely

Our safety culture is built upon the mindset that everyone who steps foot on one of our job sites should return to their families each night in the same condition they left that morning. Safety is always our top priority. 


0.90 Exp. Mod. Rate | 100% Incident FreE | Zero Tolerance Policy


Safety from Day One

Safety is a primary topic of discussion during a potential employee’s interview, at our company staff meetings, and at the start of each and every work day. No matter the scale of the project, everyone knows that safety is a priority.

Getting to Work


At Colvos, Superintendents serve as the day-to-day on-site safety manager and are the ambassadors of our safety culture. Safety is also a crucial conversation with our project Superintendents and all subcontractors are required to complete a safety orientation with their project’s Superintendent.

As an added measure of risk management, Colvos contracts with safety consultant Signature Safety to monitor and standardize safety protocols.



All safety risks are tracked through the company’s EMR system Procore.  Accessible by our Superintendents, Project Managers and Project Engineers in the field or office, our team reports and resolves any potential issues in real time. To document and track an issue, Superintendents use their phone to upload a picture of a safety issue, define the issue with details and notes, and go on to document the issue from observation through resolution.


It’s a tradition in the construction industry to celebrate every 100 days a project is incident free.  We bring in pizza for lunch, and give all personnel working on the project a chance to relax and take pride in their accomplishment. To-date, Colvos is incident free, so needless to say, we’ve eaten a lot of pizza.