The Stor-House Self Storage

LOCATION: Renton & Puyallup, WA
SIZE: 146,600 Total SF
MARKET: Self Storage
CLIENT: The Stor-House Self Storage

Taking advantage of the opportunity to quadruple unit space by going vertical, the team at The Stor-House awarded Colvos two simultaneously run three-story new structures their Renton and Puyallup locations. After a thorough pre-construction period, work began with demolition and removal of existing one-story metal structures and slab and resulted in the addition of 839 new units.

The two projects include three full stories of storage with a featured Mezzanine level.  Roll up doors at all units and finished hallway systems and hallway soffits throughout storage areas. CMU and metal framed construction with CIP concrete slab on grade and suspended concrete slabs over metal decking. All slabs are burnished with polished hallways. 

Construction is scheduled for completion in December, 2019.