10 Questions with Vice President Anders Bjorn

Anders discusses his experience in the industry, how Colvos fits into a changing landscape, and provides some local dining recommendations.

How did you get started in this field?

From a young age I was interested in construction and loved to build things with my hands. My grandpa had a heavy equipment yard that I would visit often, and as a teenager I was able to work some of the equipment. In college, I framed houses while going to school; even though it wasn’t commercial construction, it did give me a foundation of knowledge and experience, and some basic carpentry skills. I looked in to the construction management program and knew that really interested me, and earned a degree in Construction Management from BYU, Idaho.


Can you speak to the current state of building & construction in the Puget Sound region? How does Colvos fit into the changing landscape?

The commercial construction industry in the region continues to move at a rapid pace, mainly in the Seattle/Bellevue area, but in the South Sound as well. Colvos Construction fits in well because there are a lot of large general contractors in the South Sound who are very busy. That leaves a nice opportunity for a small but diverse company like us. We provide exceptional customer service, good pricing, and we can rely on the solid relationships we’ve built throughout the Puget Sound to deliver a good project for our clients. This trend of larger contractors going after big projects will likely continue into the next year or so, leaving a lot of opportunities for a company like Colvos to go after smaller projects.

How do you see the Puget Sound region changing in the next two years, and how do you anticipate Colvos responding to that change?

We don’t anticipate a large decline in private work; however, to remain diversified and build relationships in the public sector, we have focused about 20% of our efforts on hard bid work with public agencies.  We know that things will eventually change, and public work will increase as private work tapers off. 

Name one trend in your field that you are either currently embracing or bucking?

The younger generation (high school kids and those graduating soon) is moving away from the trades/construction/blue collar work, which is a trend that is a big challenge for the construction industry as we have a generation (which has been doing this their whole lives) will soon be retiring. With as much work as exists in the Puget Sound region right now, that is an especially difficult challenge. We are trying to help address this issue locally by visiting schools like Pierce College, which has a two-year construction management program, to teach them about the industry and get them excited about the field. We’re also working with Tacoma Public Schools, which has a program to provide information to students about alternatives to four-year degrees.

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What do you consider your specialty?

Working with people is my specialty. I like working with subcontractors, I like sitting down and spending time with architects and owners to problem solve, going through the design and preconstruction phase. I like working with everyone on our team at Colvos, and enjoy spending time with and learning from them, regardless of their role.

What’s the most significant project you’ve worked on in your career and why?

As an intern in college, I worked on the Fred Hutch Cancer Research Center campus on Lake Union in Seattle. It was a really cool, unique project for a great cause. I also worked on a big project onsite at SeaTac airport for a few years, where I learned a lot about different parts of construction. More recently in my career, I worked on the McMenamins Anderson School in Bothell. That was an amazing project that was fast-paced, and I really enjoyed working for the McMenamin brothers.

What do you like to do in your free time?

I have four daughters, so a lot of my time away from work is spent with them. They love playing sports, so there is usually a practice or a game to watch or go pick them up from. I also enjoy playing golf and camping with my family in the summertime.

Why did you decide to join Colvos Construction and what do you enjoy about working here?

In 2016, Devin Page and I were talking and he brought up the idea of starting a new company and working together. I’ve always wanted to have the opportunity to build a company. I really believed in Devin’s ability, skills, and experience, having worked with him before, and I’m really glad I did it. It’s been fun and challenging, and it’s been a great learning experience.

What projects are you currently working on?

I am currently responsible for all construction activities on all our projects, as well as overseeing those budgets and contracts, and managing the relationships with our subcontractors and clients. More specifically, I am currently focused on wrapping up the Sea-Tac Lighting project.

Tacos or pizza? Favorite spot in the region to enjoy?

That’s an impossible decision because the tacos from Tacos Chukis are incredible, and I really love pizza from the Pizza Press that we recently completed.  So, I'd say both!

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