Celebrating our Military Veterans

Happy Military Appreciation Month!

At Colvos, we are well-aware and enormously appreciative of the hard work, dedication and sacrifice made by our military men and women and are lucky to have four veterans currently on staff.

Below we’ve highlighted the careers of our four service members. Each has made a sacrifice unlike any other, and we are thrilled to tell you more about their experiences. 

Maurice Rick

US Marine | Colvos Superintendent

Maurice enlisted in the US Marine Corps in March of 1972, and stayed on active duty until February 1976, earning the rank of Sargent E-5.  After boot camp in San Diego, he went to aviation ordinance school in Florida where he was trained on all aircraft weapons. He then spent time in California and then North Carolina before his final assignment, which was in Hawaii. For Maurice, this was the highlight of his service. He spent his time exploring the island and working on fighter aircrafts and flying helicopters around the island.

After being released from active duty, he spent two years in the active reserves with the USMC Reserve unit in Tacoma. It is a Shore Party unit, so he was able to continue working on and flying helicopters.

When reflecting on this time as active duty Marine, Maurice said, “I enjoyed my time in the US Marine Corps and would do it all over again. There are opportunities for just about anything you want available to you, you just have to look them up.”

Nik Peterson

US Army Ranger | Colvos Superintendent


After serving ten years, Nik retired from the Army in February of 1985.  He was stationed at Fort Lewis, Fort Brag, Fort Benning, Fort Devens, Fort Ord, Fort Gordon, and Hunter Army Airfield. Nik joined the Army in the 9th Infantry Division and was promoted to the 82nd Airborne Division and subsequently the 2nd Ranger Battalion. Nik finished his military career with the 325th in Italy.

While being in the Army during “peace time”, Nik experienced his service in Japan, Italy, Germany, Egypt, Sudan and Panama - were he enjoyed adventure and many life lessons. When asked what the best part of his time in the service was, he was quick to say, “travel and adventure.”

Nik is grateful for the skills and lessons he gained. “The Army taught me more about responsibility, accountability for your actions, and to take pride in what you do.”

Mark Tellez

US Army | Colvos Project Engineer

Mark served as a First Lieutenant in the United States Army.  After six years of service, and one deployment to Afghanistan from 2011 to 2012, he is now retired from the service.  While deployed to NATO Kandahar Airbase Afghanistan, Mark served as a Brigade Logistical Officer, a Unit Movement Officer, and a Platoon Leader. He was also stationed at Fort Campbell in Kentucky.  His service provided him with applicable construction experience, especially while deployed. Mark worked to maintain bases building and service infrastructure all while in a combat zone.

Mark is deeply appreciative of all the opportunities he gained. He recognizes he not only gained a great deal of construction management experience, but also had the opportunity to meet and experience many different cultures and nationalities.

Tanya Russell

US Army National Guard | Colvos Project Engineer

Tanya is a Project Engineer with Colvos and is currently an active member of the Army National Guard. She has earned the rank of Sargent E-5, and currently has five years of service. She has been stationed at Yakima Training Center and Joint Base Lewis-McChord, and has spent her time working as a Heavy Equipment Operator, as well as wildland firefighting, 

For Tanya, she is grateful for the opportunities and life experiences her military career has offered her. She knows these are unique opportunities that no other work experience can offer.

Colvos is one lucky firm to have four veterans on staff, each bringing depth in leadership, humility and discipline. We are grateful for their service, and the service of all who have and currently serve our Country.