Excellence Delivered

There’s a moment each morning when the sun, peaking around the flank of Mount Rainier, illuminates the dark waters of Colvos Passage in Puget Sound. What was shadow and unknown becomes the roll of a wave, the straight line of the beach, trees are formed, and hills are etched from the skies. Each minute of light reveals another layer. Each hour, a brighter view. Perspective is created.    

Photo by irina88w/iStock / Getty Images

Like the advancement of dawn, construction is a progression of details, program definition, layers of budgets and schedule, and an interwoven matrix of relationships between the owner, designers, agencies, and subcontractors. Colvos Construction provides the guidance and security to navigate the complexity of building in today’s market. Based on detailed research, diverse industry experience, deep market knowledge, and a dedication to transparency, excellence is continually delivered from project concept to completion.


Core Values

Safety  |  Integrity  |  Customer Service & Solutions  |  Continuous Improvement  
Lean & Innovative Operations  |  Employee Development